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7/8/08 01:30 am - >.>

*walks into an empty room*

Hmm... haven't been in here in quite a while...

*flops down on the couch as dust clouds fly in the air*

[cough cough] Gah, got some cleaning to do it would seem.

*leans out the door into the hallway and looks around*

Anyone still here? Heh...

11/19/05 01:58 am - >.>

Well, I'm back on the internet.

Hello everyone who missed me!

*crickets chirp and a tumbleweed rolls by*

3/3/05 05:07 am

Miss me? ^_^

Nothing at all has been going on really, just college, spending time with Whitney, and running around on GaiaOnline.com. That's pretty much it. Josh came down the other day and spent a couple of nights so that was cool, and then Sonja and Alicia came over and we went out to grab some Japanese at Moto's. Good stuff, I want more!

I'm bored out of my mind, it's 5am and I should be sleeping but I've had insomnia like nobody's business the past few days. It's not me staying up all night and sleeping during the day either, I sleep maybe four hours a day.

Well, I'm out.

2/2/05 08:36 pm

Heh, I suppose I should update this thing should I? Well, where to start with.....

oh yeah, about that last update.... *whistling innocently* ....that was nothing.

Honestly, I hit my wrist on the frame of my bed while I was trying to fix my mattress, and it made a cut no bigger than a dime. Heh.....

Other than that, nothing's really been going on. I've been pretty much loading up on anime and mangas here recently. I've read all 14 volumes of the Love Hina manga, watched the first 14 episodes of Love Hina, read volumes one and two of Azumanga Daioh, and watched the first 40(!!!) episodes of Full Metal Alchemist in Japanese with english subs. Oh yeah, and Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust too. If you wanna count Invader Zim as anime, I bought volumes two and three of it as well.

Oh yeah, I also bought Full Metal Alchemist and the Broken Angel three days ago and beat it today. It got low reviews in the magazines, but I really liked it. =D

DDR related news: Finally AA a real song and I'll put up the proof later, R3 heavy. XD

Picture!Collapse )

1/27/05 12:12 am

Gah, I got blood on my wrist........

1/26/05 01:27 am

Bah..... once again I have completely wiped out my LJ in order to attempt a fresh start.

I'm keeping the layout though! *hugs his backgrounds*
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