squirrelbob (squirrelbob) wrote,

Gah, I got blood on my wrist........
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.... if you did what I think you did, STOP DOING THAT!

WTF man are you up too
I can't help but feel left on the sidelines at times... I wish I could do more for you, especially if this is what I think it is. I'll try emailing you again when I get home if I don't see you about... Just keep safe, okay? :-(

DEREK! i hope that you are not crying out for help with such a thing as what I am thinking of!
Keep your friends in mind...
Derek what the crap are you doing? Is everything ok? Please dont do anything stupid, and remember that your friends love you. Would you like me to come over and talk with you bout everything? Or if you need to talk on the phone, then you know my #, and my cell#. I can probably relate to you more on these matters than you think. I'll keep you in my prayers. I love you Derek!
derek im gonna so hurt u... if u ever need me just come to me!!!! im always here for u... but if your doin what i think ur doin how many tiimes have we been down this road with friends derek u know better im gonna beat u STOP NOW while ur ahead!!! well anyway i was thinkin about comen and seein ya one day i have my license now so i'll call ya one day!! just let me know if its ok!!! love ya "buddy" and don't forget that *kisses* and *hugs*